Monday Wrap Up: A Bad Day

Cause you had a bad day, You’re taking one down…: Stabbing Suspect Told Cabbie He ‘Had A Bad Day’

There’s Rock Bottom, and Then There’s Florida: Florida Accidentally Banned All Computers, Smart Phones In The State Through Internet Cafe Ban: Lawsuit

Chickens Are So Mainstream: Chickens Increasingly Abandoned At Animal Shelters By Hipster Farmers

It’s Not the Worst Thing He’s Done: Osama bin Laden was stopped for speeding in car while on run in Pakistan

More Like Golden Manure Pile: Golden Corral Dumpster Food? Video Shows Trays Of Meat Stored Near Trash

That Hurts: Man wants Browns pallbearers so team ‘can let him down one last time’

Good, Because We Need Less Revolutionaries: IVF baby born using revolutionary screening process

Is Suspended Death Worse Than Regular Death?: Liu Zhijun sentenced to suspended death for bribery, abuse of power

Overheard at Auschwitz: If You Don’t Work, You Die


Thursday Wrap Up: Oh My!

Looks Like the Graphic Design People Had a Little Fun: The most unfortunate anti-gay logo and slogan in the history of politics

The House Replies “No, You Can’t”: As Senate passes immigration bill, Latinos shout, ‘Yes we can!’

Size Matters Not…. Not: Star Wars: Episode VII Putting Luke Skywalker And Princess Leia On A Diet?

Captain Overboard: U.S. Suit Accuses Corzine of a Failure at the Helm

The Android Droid Is a Playable Character: Google working on game console, watch

Sounds Like One Direction: 5 Ways Sex Makes You More Beautiful

If You Have to Ask….: What’s the point of oral sex?

All’s Well That Ends Well: ‘Happy endings’ not illegal in Guangdong

That’s Why We Have Drones: Obama says “I’m Not Going to Be Scrambling Jets to Get a 29-Year-Old Hacker”

Tuesday Wrap Up: She’s Back

He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Sister: Ready For Hillary PAC Sells Creepy Merchandise

He Turned a Couch Into a Love Seat: Wisconsin Man Pleads Guilty To Couch Sex

There’s a Pill For That: The Age of American Impotence

The Wine Makes It Classy: IRS workers bought porn, wine using agency credit cards

Jimmy Crack Corn…: The Senate is going to pass immigration reform. And the House doesn’t care.

Can’t We Just Zap All the Ugly People?: Want People To Look Hotter? Get Your Brain Zapped

Permanent Siesta: One in four of Spain’s young people neither studies nor works

Clueless Clairvoiyants: TV psychics fail to foresee £12k fine for peddling nonsense

Take to the Sea!: California man spends 7 hours swimming in ocean to avoid drug arrest

Monday Wrap Up: Iceland Gives the Cold Shoulder

Thanks But No Thanks: Iceland opts out of joining EU

I Didn’t Know He Hired Barry Zuckerkorn: George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Opens Trial With Knock-Knock Joke

Because That’s the Most Controversial Thing About the Taliban: Taliban: Stance unchanged on controversial sign

Nobody’s Going to Pay Attention to It?: Supreme Court affirmative action decision “like a check-engine light”

#FirstWorldProblems: Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals

Killing the Buzz: 25,000 Bumble bees found dead in a Target parking lot

Hahahahahahahahahaha: Chicago teachers union chief faults ‘rich white people’ for city’s education mess

I Love My Job (I’d Love It More If I Got Paid): Americans Hate Their Jobs, Even With Office Perks

Promoting Family Values and Family Members: Qatari emir Sheikh Hamad to hand power to son Tamim

Weekend Wrap Up: Pot Tot

Not Too Often You See Parent’s Trying to Get Their Kids to Try Pot: Parents of epileptic N.J. tot lament medical marijuana delays

I Guess Hipsters Are Now a National Security Threat: The FBI is training its future agents with Portlandia sketches 

Build-A-Car: Toyota unveil concept vehicle that you can design and shape at home

Perils of Craigslist: Man tries to sell coffin on Craigslist – with skeleton inside

Don’t Be Evil: Street View: Google given 35 days to delete wi-fi data

Bring Out Yer Dead!: Black Death hits dogs in New Mexico

Getting Mugged: Don’t want mug shot online? Then pay up, sites say

Hamming It Up: Historic Week Opens as High Court Saves Biggest Cases for Last

If You’re Good to Alaska, Alaska is Good to You: In new immigration deal, a big favor for Alaska

Friday Wrap Up: For British Eyes Only

James Bond Is Reading Your Email: British spy agency taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world’s communications

Creative Sentencing: Ex-Enron CEO Skilling’s resentenced to 14 years

Can Guy Fieri Be Next?: Paula Deen fired from Food Network for racist remarks

Well, You Can’t Say They Never Gave Their Child Direction: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian name their baby…. North West

Damn Tourists: 15,000 do yoga in Times Square

All the Time?: The 9 Best Times to Have Sex

It’s Closer Than China to Europe: Why India is More Similar to Europe than China

Isn’t That An Oxymoron?: The rise of extremist Buddhism

Big Booze: The liquor lobby has an awesome office


Thursday Wrap Up: This Is Your Country On Drugs

We Are the 70%: 70 Percent Of Americans On Prescription Drugs

What’s It Gonna Do, Make Gin Taste Worse?: Juniper tree disease threatens gin production

Buzz Kill: 25,000 Bees Mysteriously Found Dead in Target Parking Lot 

This Year’s Model: Dems start Obama-to-Clinton transition

A Racist Joke Is Better Than a Drone Strike: US Defense Secretary Makes Taliban Joke Aimed At Indian Man

Organ Farming: Human organs ‘could be grown in animals within a year’

They’re Necessary If He Wants His Kitchen Remolded: Doctors perform thousands of unnecessary surgeries

I’m Guessing the Answer Is “Very”: China’s economy is freezing up. How freaked out should we be?

New and Improved: New MERS virus spreads easily, deadlier than SARS