2014 Election Preview: Indiana

The Hoosier State is going to have a quiet year without a gubernatorial or senatorial race. The only election to watch is a single house district and even that may turn out to be a snoozer if things keep going the way they are.


IN-02: In 2012 Rep. Jackie Walorski (R) narrowly won the open seat vacated by Joe Donnelly (D), who ran successfully for the US Senate. Despite the fact that Romney garnered 55% of the vote in Indiana’s 2nd District, Walorski only topped her Democratic rival by less than four thousand votes. This year, the race has attracted an interesting Democratic challenger in Notre Dame official and former Missouri State Rep. Joe Bock (D). If this was as poor a cycle for Republicans as it currently is for Democrats, this would be a top pickup target for the DCCC. But it is not and unless Bock turns out to be a heckuva campaigner, it looks like Walorski will survive this cycle. This race is Likely Republican.


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