2014 Election Preview: Alabama

In the Heart of Dixie politics is a contact sport, but due to heavy gerrymandering and a strong conservative bent it is rare to see a competitive contest. This year is no exception, with the only interesting race being an open seat primary for Alabama’s 6th Congressional District. Here’s the situation in the Yellowhammer State for 2014:

Senate: Incumbent Republican Jeff Sessions is running unopposed, so it looks like we’ll have him around for at least another six years.

Governor: Governor Robert Bentley (R) is going for another term and so far he looks likely to get one. His most significant worry, a big name primary challenger from the right, never really emerged and Bentley now faces two no-names in the race for the GOP nomination. His likely opponent in the general election is former Rep. Parker Griffith, the Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat who was unsuccessful in being renominated in after switching to the GOP in 2010. And unless Bentley really screws things up, Griffith will add yet another election to his growing losing streak.

AL-6: No seats are going to switch parties in Alabama this year. However, there is an interesting primary for the seat vacated by retiring Rep. Spencer Bachus (R) and right now its a wide-open race for the nomination. The candidates include State Rep. Paul DeMarco, businessman Will Brooke, surgeon Chad Mathis, Alabama Policy Institute President Gary Palmer, and State Senator Scott Beason, who ran unsuccessfully against Bachus in 2012. All of them have a shot of winning this seat and it will be interesting to see how this race plays out over the coming months.


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