2014 Election Preview: Ohio

The Buckeye State was pivotal in the 2012 elections and it looks like Ohio will once again been on the political radar in 2014. Governor John Kasich (R) is running for reelection ahead of a potential 2016 run for president, where being a two-term governor of a swing state would have its advantages. Meanwhile, Republicans will look to hold gains made in 2010 as the Democrats eye a couple competitive seats in what is otherwise a favorable climate for the GOP. This is what is ahead for Ohio in the coming year:

Governor: Four years ago former Fox News host and US Representative John Kasich successfully unseated Governor Ted Strickland (D) in the midst of a phenomenal year for Republicans. This year Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald (D)  looks to return the favor in what is either a close or not so close race, depending on who your preferred pollster is. If you put your faith in Public Policy Polling, which has had a pretty good track record over the past few years, Kasich is barely ahead in his race for reelection. On the other hand, the venerable polling outfit at Quinnipiac University gives the Governor a much more substantial lead. Either way, FitzGerald has been stuck in the high thirties while Kasich has been as high as 47%. Until FitzGerald starts getting numbers in that range, this race is Likely Republican.

OH-6: This was one of the most competitive races in the last cycle and while former Rep. Charlie Wilson (D) almost won back his old seat, freshman Rep. Bill Johnson (R) was able to hold on for another term. With e GOP facing a much better environment in 2014, it will be even more difficult for the Democrats to take this seat in November. That being said, the DCCC has recruited State Rep. Jennifer Garrison (D) and if the national trends turns against Republicans she could be a formidable opponent. But as it stands now, this race is Likely Republican.

OH-14: Rep. David Joyce (R) might have a real challenge on his hands with Democrat Michael Wager in what is probably the most competitive district in the state of Ohio. To be fair, that challenge looked a whole lot bigger last year when it the Democrats were on track make gains in the 2014 midterms. But now that things have swung towards the GOP, Joyce may be able to breath a bit easier and Wagner faces an uphill race in the coming months. This race is currently Likely Republican, but remember that a lot can happen between now and November.


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