2014 Gubernatorial Race Update #1


Things have sure been heating up in the 2014 gubernatorial races over the past month. We have made the following changes to our elections page:

In Alaska, Democrat Byron Mallott has jumped into the race for the Democrats and Bill Walker has withdrawn from the GOP primary to run as an independent instead.

In Colorado, John Hickenlooper (D) has officially announced his bid for reelection. The rating of “Leans Democrat” remains.

In Georgia, Republican John Barge has jumped into the primary while Governor Nathan Deal (R) has yet to announce his reelection bid.

In Idaho, Governor Butch Otter (R) has announced his bid for a third term, which he looks likely to win.

In Iowa, Democratic State Senator Jack Hatch has entered the race to (presumably) challenge Governor Terry Brandstad (R) as he decides whether to seek reelection for his sixth term in office.

In Kansas, Governor Sam Brownback (R) has declared he is running for reelection in this heavily Republican state.

In Maine, Democrat Mike Michaud has entered the race for Governor and he’s cleared the field of his competitors.  He has steadily gained ground in the polls against Governor Paul LePage (R) while independent candidate Elliot Cutler has continued to see his support fall. It looks like it’s going to be a competitive two-way race between the GOP and the Democrats.

In Massachusetts, state Attorney General and 2010 US Senate nominee Martha Coakley announced her bid for Governor today, joining a crowded Democratic field. For the GOP, only 2010 gubernatorial nominee Charles D. Baker, Jr. has entered the race so far.

In Nebraska, three more Republicans have jumped into the race to replace Governor Dave Heineman (R).

In Ohio, a new poll from PPP sends the race from “Likely Republican” to “Leans Republican.”

In Rhode Island, Governor Lincoln Chafee (D) has withdrawn his bid for reelection. This greatly changes things in favor of the Democrats and this race goes from “Toss-up” to “Likely Democrat.” Meanwhile, Independent Ken Block has announced his candidacy for the Moderate Party nomination, but it remains to be seen whether he’ll be a factor in the general election.

Like with the Senate races, we have removed all candidates who have yet to officially announce their candidacy and we’ve fixed the issue with the total seat count. Hopefully we’ll get one up and running for the Senate races by the time the next update comes around. Stay tuned!


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