Apple Unveils New iPhones

From Apple:

The 5s-“A chip with 64-bit architecture. A fingerprint identity sensor. A better, faster camera. And an operating system built specifically for 64-bit. Any one of these features in a smartphone would make it ahead of its time. All of these features in a smartphone make it an iPhone that’s definitely ahead of its time.”

The 5c- “Every feature we add to iPhone must answer yes to one question: Will it make the experience better? So the colors of iPhone 5c received the same intense consideration we apply to everything we make. We even designed the Home screen and wallpaper colors to complement the exterior. As a result, using iPhone is that much more engaging and delightful.”

As the rumors suggested, Apple released two new versions of its popular iPhone mobile device. The 5c, where the “c” stands for “colorful,” is the cheaper and flashier alternative to its more advanced cousin, the 5s.

The 5c can be seen as a dressed up 5. Its exterior design hearkens back to that of the original iPhone and its plastic encasing contrasts with the metallic trend in iPhones over the past few years. Like its name suggests, the 5c comes in six colors ranging from the traditional black and white to the tropically bright red, yellow, blue, and green, On the inside, it has much of the same hardware as the 5 with the exception of a larger battery. The pricing for the 5c starts for $99 under contract for the 16GB version.

The 5s is the latest upscale iPhone and it boasts significant improvements over its predecessors, While keeping the same basic design as the 5, the 5s has the new A7 microprocessor, which Apple claims to be twice as fast as the 5’s A6, In addition, the phone comes with the M7 motion processor, which will be useful for fitness and other health-related apps that rely on motion tracking.

One of the most radical features of the 5s is its new bio-metric security system called “Touch ID.” On previous models you could require that a 4-digit security code be entered in order to use the phone. Now with Touch ID, you can opt to have your fingerprint scanned in lieu of a security code. Not only is this method more secure (since everyone has unique fingerprints), it is a faster process and you don’t have to worry about forgetting your pass code.

In addition to the multitude of other brand new features, both phones will feature the new iOS 7. Also available to some older models of iPhones and iPads, iOS 7 comes with a brand new look and features that are designed to improve the user experience. The new operating system will become available for download on September 18th.


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