Anthony Weiner Does “Buzzfeed Brews”, Declines Beer

From Buzzfeed:

“His poll numbers have plummeted, and his campaign donations have dwindled, but in a wide-ranging interview Monday night, Anthony Weiner appeared defiant, hopeful, and even a bit annoyed by the suggestion that he could possibly lose the New York City mayoral race this fall.

“I’m gonna fight, I’m gonna stand up strong,” Weiner said. “I’ve shown that I don’t back down very easily.”

On the topic of the scandal, Weiner blamed himself for the controversy that has ousted his campaign from the top of the polls. “I did these things. No one did this to me. I did them,” he said, adding that he sees a therapist whenever he can escape the demands of the campaign trail.

Weiner maintained that he would climb back to first place in the polls — he is now in fourth, behind City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, former Comptroller Bill Thompson, and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio — and would this time next year “of course” be living in Gracie Mansion.

What surprised me most was the confidence Weiner showed throughout the interview. Considering the personal nature of his scandal, Weiner was very upfront and handled all questions with a brutal degree of frankness. I don’t know if that’s a sign of bravery or insanity, but it is certainly endearing.

His key theme that he pushed throughout the interview was that he was not beholden to any special interests like big labor or big business. Of course that’s mainly because he’s so politically toxic that nobody wants to touch him with a ten-foot pole, but it’s nice to see seem looking at the bright side of things.

One of the more interesting tidbits to come out of the interview was about his wife’s involvement with Hillary Clinton and her possible 2016 presidential campaign. When asked whether he knew what role his wife would play in the campaign, Weiner said he did but declined to say what it will be. While this might be an indication that Clinton is in fact planning to run in three years, it is also possible that Weiner was talking hypothetically. Either way, I wouldn’t read too much into it.

Despite his eternal optimism, Anthony Weiner has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the mayor’s race. But he’s still the underdog. And there’s a little bit inside all of us that wants to root for the underdog, even if he’s dong-sexting pervert.


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