Poll: Weiner Tops Tight Field

From Quinnipiac Polling:

“Democratic likely voters give former City Comptroller and 2009 mayoral challenger William Thompson leads over City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner in the mayoral primary runoff – if Thompson can make it to the runoff – according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

If Weiner drops out of the race, Quinn gets 30 percent to Thompson’s 26 percent, with 21 percent for Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and 10 percent for Comptroller John Liu.

If Weiner stays in, he has 26 percent in the first round of the Democratic primary, with 22 percent for Quinn and 20 percent for Thompson. de Blasio is at 15 percent with 7 percent for Liu, 1 percent for former Council member Sal Albanese and 8 percent undecided.”

It’s important to point out that this poll took place before the new sexting allegations against Weiner became public. So it is likely that he is a at least a few points behind what these numbers say. That being said, this poll shows that the race has been pretty static, at least up until yesterday.

However, the biggest takeaway here is the strength of Bill Thompson, the 2009 Democratic mayoral nominee. The last time he ran for the office, he turned a 15-point polling deficit into a 4% margin of defeat. He could be a formidable force if he makes it to the runoff.

And don’t forget Bill de Blasio! He’s been blasting the New York airwaves for weeks and has been steadily gaining ground in the polls. If he can keep this up, he could rise into the top tier by the middle of August.

Overall this poll doesn’t give us that much new information. For a more accurate picture, we’ll have to wait until Marist posts their first post second sexting scandal (oh, Anthony Weiner) tomorrow at noon. If Weiner’s numbers aren’t too bad, then I may have to take back what I said yesterday about his chances. But if I were a betting man, I’d say that Thompson and de Blasio have the most to gain from Weiner’s roasting, with one of them vaulting into second place.


2 thoughts on “Poll: Weiner Tops Tight Field

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