How to Survive a Heat Wave (By Not Making It Worse)

I’m not going to lie and say that heatwaves don’t suck. Because they do. A lot. But the reason people suffer so much during this time of years is because they are a) under-prepared and b) they have the wrong attitude.

First of all, drink a lot of water. You are mostly water, and when you sweat like a pig you are losing a good chunk of you. Preferably, the water that you are drinking is cool (not cold enough to give you a brain freeze), but any old water will do. And instead of buying expensive bottled water from the supermarket or a vending machine, buy a plastic or metal bottle from your local outdoor equipment store and refill it throughout the day. It’s way cheaper, and you’re getting pretty much the same thing.

Secondly, try to remain indoors or at at least in the shade. Obviously not all of us have this luxury and to those who don’t I give you my sympathies. But for the rest of us, try to avoid strenuous activity outside and in particular try to the avoid being out between 11am and 3pm. Your body will thank you.

Finally, stop griping about the weather. Yes, I’m being completely serious. The more you complain, the more the heat will make you suffer. In fact, I’d venture to say that most of the heat-related discomfort we feel comes from your own mind rather than the sun.  If you keep thinking “Poor pitiful me, it’s soooooooo hot…” you’re going to have a bad time. When you step outside, you can say “Dear lord, it’s hot,” and then get on with your day. You will be hot all today and no amount of complaining, whether it be out loud or in your head, is going to make you cooler. Once you accept that, you’ll find the heat really isn’t so bad and you enjoy the day the best you can.

But what do I know? I’m writing this from an air-conditioned room.


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