Rockstar Games Releases New GTA V Trailer

Here are some of the reactions from Reddit:

“Buying stocks? hunting? biking? Who needs real life anyway? I’ve always wanted to live in LA, can’t wait”

“Did anyone see that amazing part with the… The… Everything?!?”

“I cannot wait to waste so many months of my life playing this game.”

Grand Theft Auto is an extremely violent and vulgar game series, but the plot lines and graphics make it work wonderfully. With every new edition of the game the world expands, the cities come alive with detail, and overall game play improves. Unlike the Call of Duty series, GTA doesn’t rest on its laurels but instead continuously strives to make a better game.

It’s also nice that they are revisiting San Andreas, which by far has the most diverse geography of any GTA locale. Based on modern day California and Nevada, it has its own versions of San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Every city has a unique feel and sets of characters, and for the most part they stay true to their real life counterparts.

Gamers appreciate that Rockstar is always finding ways to improve the gaming experience, and I have a feeling that they will show that appreciation with their wallets when GTA V comes out. Overall, it looks like Rockstar has another winner on their hands.


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