Texas Gov Rick Perry Will Not Run For Re-election

From the Houston Chronicle:

“Gov. Rick Perry will not seek reelection, he announced to about 200 supporters and the media in a humid warehouse at the country’s largest Caterpillar dealership Monday afternoon.

‘I will spend the next 18 months working to create more jobs,’ he said. ‘I make this announcement with a deep sense of humility and deep appreciation, and knowing I will truly miss serving in this capacity, because it is the greatest job in modern politics.'”

This was not a big surprise, with the smart money counting on him declining another term in Austin and to leave open the possibility for a 2016 presidential run.

Perry’s last try at the GOP nomination was a complete disaster, and I’m sure he’s learned a few lessons about campaigning on a national level. But the big question is whether 2012 damaged him so much that a 2016 run would be a fool’s errand.

Another thing he has to deal with is the fact that the 2016 GOP field is probably going to be much more competitive than the 2012 one. Last year Romney was pretty much the last viable candidate standing, and all of his opponents were second-tier candidates at best. It was amateur hour at the GOP. But in 2016 there will be big names like Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Bobby Jindal. Compared to those guys, Perry is old news.

Then again, he has a few things going for him. He was governor of the nation’s second largest state, and he is popular with the conservative base. In addition, as politician in Texas he has had to deal with the Hispanic community much more often than his opponents. And he has consistently pulled a better chunk of Hispanics than most Republicans in the rest of the country.

But overall he is a long shot for the nomination. Because to win the presidency you need to do three things: ignite the base, hold the center, and uh, what’s the third one? Oops.


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