Monday Wrap Up: A Bad Day

Cause you had a bad day, You’re taking one down…: Stabbing Suspect Told Cabbie He ‘Had A Bad Day’

There’s Rock Bottom, and Then There’s Florida: Florida Accidentally Banned All Computers, Smart Phones In The State Through Internet Cafe Ban: Lawsuit

Chickens Are So Mainstream: Chickens Increasingly Abandoned At Animal Shelters By Hipster Farmers

It’s Not the Worst Thing He’s Done: Osama bin Laden was stopped for speeding in car while on run in Pakistan

More Like Golden Manure Pile: Golden Corral Dumpster Food? Video Shows Trays Of Meat Stored Near Trash

That Hurts: Man wants Browns pallbearers so team ‘can let him down one last time’

Good, Because We Need Less Revolutionaries: IVF baby born using revolutionary screening process

Is Suspended Death Worse Than Regular Death?: Liu Zhijun sentenced to suspended death for bribery, abuse of power

Overheard at Auschwitz: If You Don’t Work, You Die


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