Breaking: Asiana 777 Crashes in SFO

An Asiana Airlines 777-200 is down at San Francisco International Airport. The plane was operating Flight 214 from Seoul, South Korea when it apparently crashed upon landing in San Francisco.

According to eyewitnesses the plane has broken up into multiple sections, with the tail yards away from the rest of the aircraft. Thick columns of smoke can be seen rising from the scene of the wreckage.

Asiana’s 777s can hold between 250-300 people, but there is no word on injuries or fatalities. This post will be updated as events unfold.

UPDATE #1: The aircraft’s registration number is HL7742. Photos of the plane (before the crash) can be seen here. Also, it appears that emergency escape slides have been deployed, raising hopes that there are survivors.

UPDATE#2:  From a tweet by someone claiming to be a passenger:

UPDATE#3: Asiana Airlines confirms that there were 280 passengers and 12 crew on Flight 214. So far, it appears that everyone has survived.

UPDATE#4: The San Francisco Fire Department confirms that at least 2 passengers have died and 61 are injured.


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