Weiner Talks Blood and Equality


Today I went out on the campaign trail with Anthony Wiener at the New York Blood Center, where the candidate spoke against the ban against gay men giving blood.

Much to my surprise, I was the first to arrive. I talked with the growing gaggle of reporters (I think it’s called a gaggle) for a half an hour before the candidate arrived. From what a I learned, freelance photography is a dying business. Thank God I’m not a photographer.

During his 10 minute statement, Weiner railed against the ban on gay men giving blood. He blamed the current rules on one thing: fear.

He then invited a gay man to speak about how the ban personally affects him. The man said that more than anything he just wants to be able to help people and to participate in this civic duty. The man presumably was a Weiner supporter.

Weiner tried to make issue more about public health than equality, but he did add that “this is discrimination where we really can’t afford it.” However he did seem to be going for the vote of the LGBT community, perhaps trying to take some of the thunder away from his rival Christine Quinn, who is gay.

As a personal note, I have to say that the Weiner campaign doesn’t have much patience or respect for reporters. For Christ’s sake the press guy wouldn’t even give out his name. I won’t hold it against them, but I do think it’s indicative of the their overall strategy. Because from what I saw the Weiner camp is focused on retaining control over the candidate’s media exposure. And the last thing Anthony Weiner needs is another indecent exposure.

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