Monday Wrap Up: Iceland Gives the Cold Shoulder

Thanks But No Thanks: Iceland opts out of joining EU

I Didn’t Know He Hired Barry Zuckerkorn: George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Opens Trial With Knock-Knock Joke

Because That’s the Most Controversial Thing About the Taliban: Taliban: Stance unchanged on controversial sign

Nobody’s Going to Pay Attention to It?: Supreme Court affirmative action decision “like a check-engine light”

#FirstWorldProblems: Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals

Killing the Buzz: 25,000 Bumble bees found dead in a Target parking lot

Hahahahahahahahahaha: Chicago teachers union chief faults ‘rich white people’ for city’s education mess

I Love My Job (I’d Love It More If I Got Paid): Americans Hate Their Jobs, Even With Office Perks

Promoting Family Values and Family Members: Qatari emir Sheikh Hamad to hand power to son Tamim


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