Leaker on the Lamb: Where Is Edward Snowden Heading Next?

From the LA Times:

“The hunt for Edward Snowden stretched around the globe Sunday as the 30-year-old leaker of U.S. classified material flew out of Hong Kong under cover of darkness, dropped into the protective embrace of Russia and made plans to hopscotch through Cuba and Venezuela to eventual asylum in Ecuador.

His stealthy movements, aided by the anti-secrecy WikiLeaks organization and its high-powered lawyers, played out like an international game of Where’s Waldo. The American citizen — a traitor to some and a folk hero to others — kept a step ahead of his government, which has charged him with violating the Espionage Act and revoked his U.S. passport in an effort to bring him to ground.”

Well the naysayers (including myself) have been proven wrong. What’s most surprising is that the Hong Kong authorities simply let him leave the country despite him having an international arrest warrant and lacking a valid passport. And the excuse they give is that the US screwed up the paperwork and therefore they couldn’t arrest Snowden.

Poppycock. If Hong Kong really wanted to have arrested Snowden, they could have. But instead they choose to let him go to Russia and become someone else’s problem. The latest reports have him in the Ecuadorean embassy in Moscow, where he is seeking asylum in the South American country. I wonder what happened to Iceland?

Maybe he prefers the warmer climate.


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