Obama Nominates James Comey to head FBI

From the Washington Post

“President Obama on Friday formally nominated Republican James B. Comey to be the next FBI director, saying the former senior Justice Department official has “law enforcement in his blood” and touting his independence and integrity.

Comey will replace Robert S. Mueller III, who is retiring after a dozen years and led the FBI through the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the tumultuous national security matters that came after.”

He’s from Yonkers, so he’s got one strike against him. I’m joking of course.

He’s prosecuted mobsters and white-collar criminals, and incidentally Martha Stewart as well. Another notable fact is that when he was acting US Attorney General (while incumbent John Ashcroft was in the hospital) he refused to certify the legality of parts of the NSA surveillance program. This prompted the White House Chief of Staff Andy Card and White House Counsel (and future AG) Alberto Gonzales to go over his head and ask Ashcroft, while he was still in the hospital, to sign off on the program.

 Interestingly, he seems to have supported John McCain and Mitt Romney for president in 2008 and 2012 respectively. It’s nice to see President Obama not taking politics into account when making big hiring decisions.

Now the FBI Director job is a 10 year gig, so we’ll be with this guy for a while. I’m not exactly sure that I approve of such a long term of office, but then again J. Edgar Hoover was there for almost forty years. Then again again Hoover liked to cross-dress, so maybe it takes a special type of person to run the FBI.


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