Microsoft Backpedals on 2 Controversial Xbox One Features

From ABC, which stole my “Xbox 180′ joke:

“Ever since Microsoft announced that its newest Xbox — the Xbox One — would have restrictive policies on used games and require a constant Internet connection, analysts and fans alike have made their discontent known.

But Microsoft has been listening, said Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s president of the interactive entertainment business. In a statement released Wednesday, Mattrick said the company plans to reverse its stances on a few issues.”

I saw this topic blowing up on Reddit when the Xbox One first was announced. From what I saw, there was a huge danger that Microsoft could see its Xbox 360 customers migrate over to Sony’s Playstation 4. Of course that could just be an example of internet histrionics, but I could imagine it being an issue.

As I was looking through the Reddit comments, people were wondering what caused Microsoft to change course. People complain on the internet all the time (that’s what it was built for). The most plausible theory I saw was that the pre-order numbers were not looking too good, and Microsoft wanted to find a way to boost them .

No doubt, this is a good move by Microsoft. Gamers already accept that Microsoft is a greedy and evil corporation. But there’s a certain level of dickishness that they’ve been willing to tolerate. I know this because my roommate has a 360 and I often hear him cursing at Bill Gates at odd hours of the night.

But the DRM and internet requirements for Xbox One were one step too far and the gaming community rightfully made their voices heard. It’s good to see that companies like Microsoft are still listening.


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