New Documentary Raises Questions About TWA 800

From ABC:

“In a new documentary, former investigators who looked into the mysterious crash of TWA Flight 800, which killed 230, are breaking their silence to claim that the explosion that brought down the plane in 1996 was likely no accident, and that the final report on the cause of the blast was falsified.

According to the new documentary, named TWA Flight 800 and premiering on Epix next month, six former members of the official crash investigation have stepped forward to refute the NTSB’s findings, saying the crash report was purposefully falsified, and to claim the investigation was “systematically undermined” by federal authorities.”

I consider myself a bit of an aviation enthusiast, but this case was a little bit before my time. The accident report seems to make sense and aviation experts agree that the official story is what most likely happened.  I know there’s a ton of conspiracy theories about TWA 800, but by default I’m skeptical that there’s a hidden agenda to hide the truth.

On one hand, why would the government lie about this? If it was a terrorist incident, you’d think they’d want the public to know so they get the national security political bump that usually comes with events like this. Of course then would come the inevitable conspiracy theories saying it was a false flag operation and all that usual nonsense.

You could argue that if the government shot it down by mistake, they’d want to cover up their error. But if this was a friendly fire incident, one would think the truth would have leaked out by now. The government is good at keeping secrets, but not that good. Look at Wikileaks and the NSA scandals. Surely something this big would have gotten the attention of some idealistic/narcissistic whistle-blower.

The only thing that prevents me from dismissing this out of hand is the fact that six former members of the investigation have decided to speak out. If they have new information to bring to the table, they should be heard. So while I’m open to what they have to say, I’m not putting on my tinfoil hat just yet.


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