Monday Wrap Up: Dogocracy

Man’s BFF: Americans Prefer Dogs Over Cats; Fear Snakes

Oh Canada: Three Signs That The Canada Is Screwed Beyond All Recognition

Hey Valdimir, Just Because You’re Planning a Zombie Army Doesn’t Mean We All Are: Putin Says West arming Syrian rebels who eat human flesh

To Be Fair, Oakland Smells of Raw Sewage Most of the Time: Raw sewage at Coliseum forces Athletics and Mariners to share Oakland Raiders clubhouse

Apparently Nirvana Is At 39,000 feet: Thai Buddhist monks criticized over private jet

Incidentally, the 12 Apostles Are Also a Biker Gang in Nevada: Pope blesses hundreds of Harley-Davidsons

He Actually Played For the 1972 Miami Dolphins While Working Undercover For the KGB: Vladimir Putin denies stealing Super Bowl ring

Longest Book Ever Written: Why Some Irish Drink So Much

It’s Getting Hard to Tell: Obama: I’m not Dick Cheney


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