Monday Wrap Up: The Devil’s Brew

Their Coffee Beans Are Roasted in the Fires of Hell: Christians Can’t Drink Starbucks, Evangelical Says 

Apparently There’s a “No Nukes” Rule: Wyoming teen who built nuclear reactor ousted from fair

There Is a God: Dunkin’ taking doughnut bacon sandwich national

Taco Bell Only Slightless More Digusting: Taco Bell Reacts Quickly to Taco Licking Employee

Longest Book Ever Written: Why People Don’t Trust the Government

#23-Making Listicles: 23 Mistakes You’ll Definitely Make In Your Twenties

Well, Can’t Argue There: Turkey’s PM rejects ‘dictator’ claims, calls Twitter a ‘menace’

Kevin Bacon, You’re Our Only Hope: Controversy erupts over Aceh’s dancing ban

I Thought They Had Top Men Working On This: US government Warehouse Tainted With Rodent Feces, Mold: Inspector General’s Report


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