Weekend Wrap Up – County Morgue:You Kill ‘Em, We Chill ‘Em

For When You’re In the Mood For a Cold One: New York puts ‘used’ giant morgue refrigerator up for sale on eBay

Can’t Trust Those Sneaky Canadians: Canadian relief for Moore tornado victims denied at border

That Liver Deserves a Medal: Lou Reed saved by liver transplant after years of drugs and alcohol take their toll

True Happiness Is Losing All Hope: How Happiness Changes With Age

Classified: Mermaids: The official U.S. position

They’re Verry Berry Sorry: Frozen berry mix sparks hepatitis A outbreak in 5 states

Humblebrag: Michael Douglas’ Throat Cancer Caused By Oral Sex

Shoe, Meet Other Foot: Top cleric Qaradawi calls for Jihad against Hezbollah, Assad in Syria

Every Step You Take, They’ll Be Watching You: US judge orders Google to turn over data to FBI


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