Thursday Wrap Up: Whatever It Is, I’m Against It

Mayor Takes Stand Against Lightning Rods: Mayor’s Fierce Stand Against Guns Creates Lightning Rod

To Find Wisdom, You Must Return to the Start: Start Button Returns in Windows 8.1

21st Century Journalism: Chicago Sun-Times fires photography staff claiming readers want more video

Longest Eve Game of Hide and Seek Nearing Conclusion: Amelia Earhart’s Plane Revealed in Sonar?

Headlines from 2009: Does Maverick McCain Matter?

Generally, Killer Robots Are Something We Should Avoid At All Costs: Keeping a Human Finger on the Killer Robot’s Trigger

Suspicions Were Raised When It Came All At Once: Florida man donates 100 gallons of blood

Yet My Doctor Tells Me to Lay Off the Salt: High sodium content may keep stars looking perpetually young

I’ve Got a Fever, And the Only Cure Is More Tamiflu (Nyquil Would Be Nice Too): Double dose of Tamiflu proves no better in severe flu



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