Monday Wrap Up: Blame Canada

Dammit, Canada!: Allies ‘angry with’ Canada in wake of navy spy scandal

We Promote Family Values Almost as Often As Family Members: Saudi King Appoints Son National Guard Minister

What the Hell Is a Puppy Lemon and Where Can I Get One?: Illinois House approves ‘puppy lemon’ law

Headlines From 2009: Why Social Media Advertising Is Set To Explode

Ich bin Ein Nebula: Ring Nebula Is More Like A Jelly Doughnut, NASA Says

No More Sacred Cows?: Cow consumption on the rise in India

How Convenient: Original owner of Toronto mayor’s alleged ‘crack’ video may have been killed

Just Like Middle Schol Gym Class: World’s oldest man outnumbered by the girls, he’s the last man standing

Soylent Green is My Kind of People: Introducing Soylent, everything your body needs in one drink


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