Federal forecasters predict a busy hurricane season

From USA Today:

“The federal government predicts an above-average hurricane season in the Atlantic this year, with seven to 11 hurricanes expected. A typical season, based on the years 1981-2010, sees six hurricanes.”

“Overall, NOAA predicts that 13-20 named tropical storms are likely. Tropical storms have top wind speeds of 39 mph or higher. Once a storm’s winds reach 74 mph, it becomes a hurricane.”

I live in New York, and every a year for the past four years there is at least one storm that makes its way up the coast to my neck of the woods. And every single time some tree falls on a damn power line and my family and I are in the dark three days. It happens like clockwork.

At least states like Florida and Louisiana are used to this kind of stuff and have plans ready for when it happens. But it seems that every time a nasty summer (or fall) storm hits us, the local government and the utility companies, specifically ConEd,  are woefully inept at restoring power and other basic services in a timely manner.

Even getting information about outages and when they’re going to be fixed is difficult. I remember one time I called ConEd to ask about the power, and they said the town needed to remove the fallen tree before they could begin work. When I called the town, they told me that it was ConEd who needed to take care of the power line before they could safely remove the tree.

I have a bad feeling about this storm season.


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