Daily Wrap Up #4: Facebook Exodus?

Because If There’s One Thing Twitter Lacks, It’s Drama: Teens are tired of Facebook ‘drama,’ find refuge on Twitter

The Only Good Atheist Is a Good Atheist: Pope Francis says atheists can be good

I Don’t Think Anyone Does: Republican Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘I don’t trust Republicans’

Unknown Unknowns: Donald Rumsfeld Doesn’t Know If He Supports Gay Marriage, Because Maybe It Would Lead To Polygamy?

Boston Isn’t That Bad of a City: Gov. Deval Patrick: Tim Murray leaving ‘very big hole’

Awful Movie Taglines: The Climate-Change Wars Begin This Summer

Pigs Flying Over a Frozen Hell: Tesla repays government loan early, a boost for electric cars

God Help Us: Creator of GIF files insists it’s ‘jif’ – Internet in turmoil

Yay (He Says Sarcastically): Unexcited? There May Be a Pill for That

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