Daily Wrap Up #3: Putting the “Aww” In Latte

Finally, A Barista That Does Something With Their Fine Arts Degree: Japanese Barista Makes 3D Latte Art

#UglyPeopleProblems: You Are Less Beautiful Than You Think

Shine On You Crazy Dimon: Dimon Wins as JPM Shareholders Reject CEO-Chairman Split

Asking the Important Questions: John McCain To Tim Cook: ‘Why The Hell Do I Have To Keep Updating Apps On My iPhone?’

Oh, So Now The Constituion Matters: Top IRS official will invoke 5th Amendment

It’s Nice to See Them Win Something For a Change: Cavaliers win NBA Draft Lottery again

That Explains How He Got Rid of the Demon Inhabiting the Papal Bidet : The Pope and the Devil: Is Francis an Exorcist?

But Wolf Didn’t Specify Which Lord; It Could Be Lord and Taylor, Lord Byron, or Even Lord of the Dance: Wolf Blitzer Asks Tornado Survivor If She Thanked the Lord; Tells Him She’s an Atheist

Giving is Better Than Receiving: Syria and Israel in exchange of fire


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