Daily Wrap Up #2: Home of the Brave and the Land Down Under

G’day, Matetriots: A case for Ameristralia 

Dam, That’s Crazy!: On Average, Humanity Has Built One Large Dam Every Day for the Last 130 Years

Coincidentally, “Future Deep Throats” is [INSERT ORAL SEX JOKE HERE]: Hear Ye, Future Deep Throats: This Is How to Leak to the Press

Hey, I Make the Jokes Around Here: Big rig carrying fruit crashes on 210 Freeway, creates jam

1. Smoke a Joint 2. ??????? 3. Pot is Legal: How to Legalize Pot

The Exciting Lives of Small Town Americans: Small Fla. city anxious to learn Powerball winner

Probably Less than a Cocaine Habit: How much will a legal marijuana habit cost you?

Margaritavile Correctional Facility: Somali pirates ‘jailed in paradise’

An Apple a Day Keeps the Taxman Away: Apple Avoided Taxes on Overseas Billions, Senate Panel Finds


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