From the Syrian Battlefront

The war in Syria has been going for more than two years and so far there is no end in sight. I remember asking myself back during the Libyan intervention why we were bombing Qaddafi, and not Assad. A few months ago, it seemed that the rebels were gaining ground and that it wouldn’t be much longer before the Assad regime would collapse. Now the momentum is with back the government forces, and combined with that video of a Syrian rebel going full zombie on a loyalist soldier, it’s hard to see any significant foreign intervention is coming anytime soon.

From Time:

“The battle — Marakit il Bina il Marsoos — was ended shortly after the success of the government soldiers’ subterfuge in Sahyan, which broke the siege on Wadi Deif and its defenses. Since then, there have been several other smaller offensives against government positions with names like One Body and Repelling the Enemy, but they all failed to dislodge government forces.”

With things as uncertain as ever, the international waiting game looks to continue pending some game changing event. I won’t be holding my breath.


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