Daily Wrap Up #1: They’re Coming…

I, For One, Welcome Our New Cicada Overlords: Bug-phobic dread the looming swarm of Brood II cicadas

I’m Hoping For a Yes, But I’m Guessing a No: Does Your Insect Repellent Repel Insects?

Ka-Ching: Yahoo Is Planning to Buy Tumblr for $1.1 Billion

If Angelina Jolie Is Giving People Cancer, Someone Should Really Stop Her: British businessman has his prostate removed over cancer risk from ‘Jolie gene’

LeBron Prefers the Ceiling: LeBron knows, Pacers will ‘try to put me on the floor’

Finally, Europe is Safe From Rouge, Oily Vessels: EU to ban olive oil jugs from restaurants

All Your Videos Are Belong to Us: Nintendo claims ownership over gamer fanvids on YouTube

Chicago Could Take a Hint (Hey Rahm, can you fix that light on 54th and Woodlawn?): Mogadishu streetlights ‘have changed our lives’

I Only Trust the King James Version: Books blast new version of psychiatry’s bible, the DSM


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